Great Infographic on Viral Content Do’s and Don’ts

May 8, 2014 - Comment

A lack of emotional appeal is just one of the factors that could be preventing your content from going viral. Check out this clever infographic for tips on creating viral content.

Great Infographic on Viral Content Do’s and Don’ts

Everyone wants to create viral content, content that gets shared, bookmarked and passed around. But creating viral content is tricky because it is very difficult to predict what content will go viral. Viral content comes in many forms. Blog posts, videos, photographs, infographics, even a twitter tweet can become viral if they are crafted to appeal to an audience’s emotions. People like things that make them laugh and will often share them with their friends. The goal of content can be to amuse, enlighten, frighten, shock and so forth, but viral content will always be emotional content.


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